Water....the foundation.


I have a leak in my basement foundation. A expensive nuisance really but it made me think of the importance of water as a foundation of a healthy body. So I ask the question, "Did you drink water today?" I'm terrible at drinking water. As a Surgeon I spend many hours not even thinking about or being able to drink a glass of water and find myself fatigued at the end of a long day. However, somehow I have found the time to run and grab a coffee looking for the "energy jolt" versus the hydration. Hydrating actually is more important in the long run than that quick fix.

As a society we want to perform at our max 24/7 but we have to feed our bodies with the right foundation in order to be at our best. I recently found this statistic where a 2% decrease in hydration represents a 25% decrease in mental function. We need to drink water, plan ahead, sip away, but it may be the single most important fluid you need to drink that in the long run will have more health benefits, create efficiency and capacity to live well. It's a simple solution to being well.


Paul Hunter